Teemu Kokkonen

A portfolio page.
You may also find me using the pseudonyms I-H or rautaSydan
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Game Jam Games

C# / Unity

Various game jam projects for PC and Android

Various projects on https://i-h.itch.io/

From my itch.io developer page you can find some of the game jam games I have been a part of making. Team members are credited in each separately, and I have been mostly contributing in the role of a programmer and a producer.

Unity prototypes

C# / Unity 5

Materials for programming and design classes

Various projects on https://github.com/i-h

I have pushed to GitHub some of the repositories of the Unity projects I have made during classes to teach scripting and game design. Some of which I have also continued beyond what has been handled during the class.

Microtransactions in an Android Game

Thesis / English

Karelia University of Applied Sciences


I wrote my thesis for the Business Information Technology studies about the small payments inside modern games, microtransactions. The thesis covers the short history of microtransactions as well two case studies to compare to the UK Office of Fair Trading microtransaction guidelines.


Unity script collection / C#

Personal project / KSAO


This collection of Unity C# scripts has been collected during the courses I have given as well as during some features I have programmed during free time. The aim of the scripts is to be simple little pieces of features that you can build a game with, or add to a pre-existing one.

Personal info

Name: Teemu Kokkonen
Born: 1990
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Tech summary

Stuff I am comfortable working with:
Languages C#, Java, PHP, HTML + CSS
IDEs Eclipse
Android Studio
Visual Studio
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Android
Things I can use efficiently with some rehearsal:
Languages C++, JavaScript, PHP
IDEs Unreal Engine

Professional experience



Worker Bee Inc.

At Worker Bee I worked as a programmer for mainly Unity games on PC, Android and Switch, as well as participating in business development and customer acquisition. I was a part of several Japanese releases and platform ports for overseas games.

Teacher, Game development


Kouvolan Seudun Ammattiopisto
Kouvola Regional Vocational School

I taught general game development related topics, as well a couple of courses of programming and game design.

Mobile developer



I designed and programmed mobile apps for Afterdawn. The functionality of these apps was concentrated on interacting with existing APIs and their primary purpose was to read, rate and comment news articles and user-posted questions.


Karelia University of Applied Sciences


Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) - "tradenomi"

I studied at Karelia UAS for three years. I focused my studies around programming and especially in game programming.

Kouvola Region Vocational College (KSAO)


Information and communications Technology - "datanomi"

I studied ICT at KSAO for 3 years. Courses included basic computer hardware, marketing, programming and customer service.